World Turtle Day


World Turtle Day

27 years ago, particularly in 1990 American Tortoise Rescue program started. Since then the organization has placed 4000 turtles and tortoises into the U.S. caring homes. And eventually every year 23rd May is celebrated as World Turtle Day.

Aims of World Turtle Day

It is about raising awareness and combating illegal animal trafficking. Advocating for the humane treatment of turtles, tortoises, and their environments.

Raise respect for turtles and tortoises. Encouraging human action to help them survive.

world turtle day

“Founded by, America and Australia have their own reasons to save them.”

It is an awareness day that you probably didn’t know existed. With Australia is home to 23 species of freshwater turtles. And they are one of the Australia’s most endangered species. The Western Swamp Tortoise is nearly at extinct.

“Advocating and preservation for the animals’ environments is important, now more than ever.”

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has protected habitat for eight at-risk turtle species.

Currently running projects to protect endangered numbers

The Sunday Morning Herald reported –

“Turnbull Government has cut eight conditions that aim to protect Australian turtle species. At Abbot Point in Queensland, Adani’s proposed $3 billion coal expansion project will affect them.”

Turtles hold a special place in the heart of eco-tourism company Oyster Worldwide. Oyster Worldwide’s turtle conservation project helps to prevent turtles in Costa Rica.

The volunteer project runs on various dates through July to December. The project includes accommodation and food, as well as free time to explore the local area.

“One-week costs £879/US$1,142/1,016 Euros with each additional week costing £260/$338/301 Euros.”

world turtle day

How to celebrate Turtle Day

First, contact American Tortoise Rescue and find out what you can do in your area to help turtles.
If there are no activities in your area, work with them to find out what you can do. Coordinate with local aquariums, pet stores, and nature groups to focus on these species.

“They’re an amazing creature, with certain varieties making them also as great pets. And others helping to preserve the ecosystem in the waters they live in.”

Thus, people should know how to avoid them? Where to find them? And how not to lose a toe!

“Happy World Turtle Day!”


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