USA’s Unknown Secrets in World: Top 3


It is not generally the military secrets that the government keeps close and out of the reach of the common people. Moreover, keeping military advancement and progress away from the citizen of the country is termed under the security purposes. Every government has a habit to hide few prehistoric secrets about their nation. And the USA, the Babylonian Kingdom is more secretive from the west. For instance, the revelation of Area 51 or Nevada’s military base is all in one. Today, we brought you a list of USA’s Unknown Secrets in World.

Winston Churchill and UFO Sighting

Forty-five years after Winston Churchill’s death, still, he continues to make headlines in news. Most importantly, it’s due to a possible cover-up of a UFO sighting at Mexico. Britain’s Ministry of Defense has just released a UFO-related file to the National Archives. According to the letter writer, during World War II a story of an encounter between a Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft and a mysterious flying object happened to rumored.

USA-s-Unknown-Secrets-2Additionally, Churchill discussed the matter with U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Although the Ministry of Defense doesn’t have any documentation of the episode that UFO-related file now no longer exist. However, there is one more theory that the file was removed before 1967. Also from then Winston Churchill and UFO became a part of USA’s Unknown Secrets in World.

MK-ULTRA, Mind-Control Experiments

By the time of the Cold War, the CIA conducted illegal scientific research on human test subjects. Therefore, that research is known as Project MK-ULTRA. The program subjects humans to drugs like LSD and barbiturates, hypnosis, radiological and biological agents. Thereupon, in 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms destroyed all the documents related to Project MK-ULTRA. Nevertheless, New York Times reported on the illegal activities but in 1975 the news was abolished. Furthermore, in 1975 a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller investigated the project MK-ULTRA.

Mind-Control-Experiment-USA’s Unknown SecretsAs a result, they found the CIA spending nearly $20 million in last 2 decades. In addition, they conducted their experiments on more than 30 universities without their knowledge including Canada too. In 1953, Richard Condon dramatized the whole incident in The Manchurian Candidate. Not only drama, a film starring Frank Sinatra was also released. MK-ULTRA, in other words, CIA’s mind control experiment stands at no.2 positions in USA’s unknown secrets in world.

Area 51 and Extraterrestrial life: USA’s Unknown Secrets in World

USA’s Unknown Secrets-5No list is complete without a doze to Area 51, the secret military base camp. About 120 km northwest of Las Vegas there has been many a tales regarding the rumors of secret alien experiments. Moreover, it is told that USA and aliens work together there to produce advanced military weapons and security systems. However, CIA denies it and clears that extraterrestrials are not a part of Area 51. Additionally, in the 1960s, this site was a testing ground for planes like the A-12 and SR-71 Blackbird. Consequently, a group of people called Roadrunners, who have worked at Area 51, claimed that their salaries were paid either in cash or by cheques. Are 51 still tests super-top-secret planes and weapons systems, which themselves are in mystery?

USA’s Unknown Secrets-6“Moreover it will be funnier that way to consider the presence of Alien life at Area 51. As a part of USA’s unknown secret in the world, USA is preserving this life to their advantage.”


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