Are you aware of these surprising health facts, Take a look!

Surprising Health Facts

Surprising Health Facts

With several studies published on health and fitness, it is difficult to keep up with all the information. Even whether they are health and fitness tips or tricks. In last few year, scientist all around the world are working in the direction of proper health chart. Though they had achieved in delivering to us, we are still searching for them. Subsequently, we have an article for our readers: Are you aware of these surprising health facts, take a look!

Drinking coffee prevents depression

We hear a lot about the negative effects of drinking coffee on us. But it turns out as if caffeine has its own good points too. A Research from the Harvard School of Public Health found that coffee helps in reducing depression.

    surprising health facts- Drinking coffee prevents depression

Quiet good right! I, in particular, feels that from 9th grade itself humans should start drinking 2 coffee cups a day. Even more than this, drinking 2 cups of coffee a day reduces the thought of suicide within us. Isn’t it a part of the surprising health facts.

“Women who drank a minimum of 4 cups of coffee per day, lowers their risk of depression by 20 per cent.”

Chewing gum makes you more alert and focused

Do you suffer a lot from a mid-afternoon fall and can’t concentrate in the morning? Then we have a surprising health fact solution for you. Therefore, try chewing some gum to keep yourself awake. Coventry University researchers found that chewing mint flavored gum reduces the feelings of tiredness. Chewing gum keeps your mouth and tongue busy. And on the other hand, keeps your brain away from sleepiness.

“Studies on this subject, in fact, gives light to a basic fact. Resulting that chewing gum improves overall test scores and memory by 35 per cent. Moreover, relieves stress and reduce anxiety levels.”

 Sitting at a desk increases death risk by almost 50 per cent or more

Now, this surprising health fact is particularly for students and office workers. Research from the University of Sydney reveals that those who sit for longer than 10 hours a day at the desk, increase their risk of death by 48 percent. But then those who sat for less than four hours a day don’t have these impacts on them.

Sitting at a desk increases death risk -surprising health facts

“To counter this health risk, introduce a five minutes activity every hour. Consequently, make yourself sure to take regular breaks away from your workstation. A very Simple change like taking the stairs instead of the lift will add a positive difference to your health.”

Are you an optimist? Then it can help you live longer

A study from Duke University Medical Center, heart patients more optimistic. Actually, heart patients who are more positive and hopeful about their treatment live longer. This comparison is with those who were more doubtful in their mindsets. This surprising health fact is a good reason to become more optimistic in this world of dark ages.

“According to the study from European Heart Journal, optimistic people have fewer chances of suffering from heart disease.”

Smelling an apple prevents claustrophobia

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This phrase has become too old. New version from me for this phrase is: An apple can do more while keeping the doctor away.”

Smelling an apple prevents claustrophobia -surprising health facts

Apple also helps with claustrophobia. Apparently smelling a green apple may relieve the stress. According to research from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, sniffing a green apple prevents headaches. Migraines too can be prevented by using the scent in their houses. Green apple scent helping to prevent stress is an amazing and surprising health fact.

Exercise when you are tired

After a long hectic day at work, going to the gym is probably the last thing on your priorities list. However, now research leads that exercising actually gives you more energy. A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found a surprising health fact:

“A moderate 30-minutes session of intense exercise reduces depression and helps in a better sleep.”

The reason behind this is the improvement in cardiovascular health obtained from short exercise sessions. Resulting in the more blood and oxygen flow around the body, giving more energy.

Sit-ups can’t give you a flat stomach

Surprising health benefits -Sit-ups can’t give you a flat stomach

Many people get into the trap of achieving a flat stomach by doing crunches and sit-ups. But to tell the truth, sit-ups and crunches works only for apps but not for core muscles. From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, the research found that carrying out six weeks of abdominal exercises are not sufficient enough to reduce abdominal fats. Isn’t it a part of the surprising health facts.

Handwriting things helps your memory

Indiana University had revealed that in order to remember something, you should handwrite notes, rather than typing. Writing is a thought that boosts memory as notes are a cognitive process than typing. Moreover, through this process, summarizing the information hand written, effectively improves the memory.

Drink something hot, if want to be cool

Yes, it is counterproductive, but it is surprising health fact to cool yourself down. According to the University of Ottawa’s school of Human Kinetics, a drink is hotter than your body temperature. Hence, it triggers a sweat response in the body. Thus, leading more than compensates for the increase.

“It might feel hotter initially but with the body sweat coming outside makes the body to cool quickly and effectively.”

As a result, to brief up everything, above surprising health facts are new scientifically. However, you had also read it now and should be able to implement in the daily routine work.


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