Things which Society Teaches Us

the society


Society helps people grow into wise, conscious human beings. While providing them the tools needed to live a beautiful, fulfilling life, they give few problems too.

Here are 6 things which society teaches us that every person should know.

Failure is a good thing

People are in a constant fear of failure. And Society teaches them that failure is a bad thing that everybody should be scared of. But mistakes and failure actually teach us right from wrong. Being afraid of making mistakes will prevent us from trying to achieve new things. Thus, this may only stunt our personal development.

“Yes, I am drop out student. And thus, can agree on this that failures make a person better than as compared to success.”

Money Can’t Buy us happiness

People believe that money should be the primary goal in life. And it is the main thing that will bring them happiness and success. Money is needed to buy us food and experience. Although happiness is derived from a healthy relationship with people. In result making it totally unrelated to money.

“Money can’t buy happiness but gives you the comfort zone even in your miserable times.”


Things which Society Teaches Us

Positive ego leads us to be happy. It is the ego that does not want any living being, in the smallest degree. Negative ego is the cause of unhappiness and misery. It is a bad thing. But, then my Society teaches me to have an ego to degrade other people instead of winning their hearts.

“The Ego is the only biggest obstruction in front of achieving everything though we are obsessed with our ego.”


Discrimination, harassment, and victimization leave the individual confused and broken. They may take to alcohol or drugs or may form their own opinions on others. As a result, develops a hatred for others, or withdraw from people automatically.

Discrimination in society

It can affect them financially, may lose their job. Furthermore, society should be against discrimination. But, then this modern society is the cause of discrimination.

“Judging a person cannot decide his/her life. But, it decides who you are?”

Luck is a myth

We are the creator of our reality, everything that happens to us, everything that exists is a reality. Being lucky is a myth. To gain something you need to work hard and stay consistent. There’s no lucky charm. But at the same time does society teach us to work hard. Or else we are looking to a part of society which is away from sanity.

“I seriously believe that luck is a myth. But, the efforts aren’t. Eventually, they give you the result and luck.”

There is a lesser fact in the reality that we learn from our surrounding. Therefore, I believe and probably we all believe that society is a place where one can hide in before knowing the reality, the true reality of life.


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