6 Potato Benefits: Every American Must Know

6 Potato Benefit: Every American Must Know

Potato Benefits

As an American when we think of potatoes, French Fries comes first to our mind. But then a question arises, “Are potatoes healthy?”. On the result, the answer is YES! But it depends upon the other ingredients and quantity of potato used. Read through to know about the 6 Potato Benefits: Every American Must know.

Potatoes enhance Brain & Nervous Activity

potato benefit

Potatoes synthesize neurotransmitters which their vital role in any human body. The biggest potato benefits any human can get is this. They are rich in vitamin B6. Thus, leading neurotransmitters potatoes can enhance brain & nervous activities. Potatoes control depression and tension and keep regulating the neurotransmitters.

Potato lowers blood pressure

“Potassium and magnesium content can increase life rate of the heart only if potatoes are cooked properly.”

Baked potatoes are very helpful in lowering blood pressure. Well, potatoes contain high amounts of potassium and magnesium within them. Thus, eating high potassium foods minimizes sodium within the body. Therefore, potato helps in lowering of blood pressure. Moreover, the magnesium in potatoes filters the body blood. Hence potatoes help in lowering of blood pressure.


potato benefits

Potato benefits skin:

While you may have been trying every single product in the market for a better skin. But who knows the solution may be just around yourself. In fact, at the corner of your kitchen.

Potato benefits for skinPotatoes help in
  1. Lightening of skin: Potatoes have natural bleaching agents. Eventually, potato benefits in keeping skin brightening.
  2. Puffiness under eyes: Potatoes contain few enzymes that help in reducing the pompousness under eyes.
  3. Keeps the skin firm and smooth: Potatoes contain a different kind of nutrients and antioxidants. Subsequently, potatoes help in keeping the skin firm soft and smooth.
Potato benefits hair

The vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin, and iron in potatoes gives hairs a proper growth. Moreover, Potatoes are also responsible for fighting dandruff, hair fall etc. Potato juice is very beneficial for promoting growth to hairs.

Potato benefits heart

potato benefits for heart

One normal potato gives about 8% of the recommended daily fiber value. We all know fibers helps in keeping the heart healthy. While in potato fibers lower the blood cholesterol level. The vitamin C in potato protects the blood arteries. And the vitamin B6 in potatoes lowers the homocysteine level.

“Homocysteine is an amino acid whose high level may lead to heart strokes.”

Potato benefits weight loss

Contrary to the popular belief that potatoes increase weight, potatoes help in weight loss. Potatoes have low Glycemic Index along with complex carbohydrates. That’s why these make them ideal for the weight loss. Therefore, eating a properly cooked potato will keep you full for a long time while combating the hunger pangs.

This is how a potato works on any human body. Are you still afraid of being fat? Are you looking to regrow hairs then start using these tips of Potatoes? Let me know in the comment box did you like 6 Potato Benefit: Every American Must know.



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