Digestion of proteins is affected and protein-based foods can pass particularly into the small intestine before properly broken down. Additionally, all the undigested proteins cause a variety of health problems. Starting from gas to IBS subsequently, becoming a cause of colon cancer. Given these, now you can understand why it’s important to limit anything as long as they affect your body functioning. Heartburn Problems: Panic small heart attacks are major negative effects of drinking coffee daily It is important to realize that coffee relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter in our body. Thus, causing acid reflux and heartburn as major negative effects of drinking coffee daily. More importantly, once you take something in your stomach, this muscle remains tightly closed. Because the content within your stomach can come back to the esophagus. Caffeine in coffee relaxes the esophageal sphincter, the muscle gets opened. Therefore, the inner delicate lining of esophagus burns with the excess amount of hydrochloric acid. “To prevent these small in digestive heartburns, drink coffee in limits. In other words, try to avoid the regular cups. Especially, it will be nice to make it occasionally.” Kidneys and Coffee are not good friends

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