Fruits to Snack on: Worst and Best

best nutritious food to eat

“Yes, all the fruits are healthy. But if you are trying to lose weight then snacking whole away on fruits all day can prove to be a bit dangerous.”

Due to their high sugar content (after all, fructose does come from fruits) they can be very detrimental to a weight loss plan. So here they are, the best and worst fruits to snack on.

The best fruits to snack on

best fruits-Fruits to snack onBERRIES

Blueberries,strawberries,raspberries,blackberries-they’re all packed with antioxidants and vitamins. These little fiber bombs are the smartest, most nutritionally dense fruit you can eat. Keep in mind that these fruits, especially strawberries and raspberries, are excellent on grilled meats and in salads, so go ahead and experiment! (Glycemic Index: Generally low to mid-20′s)

cherries - Best fruits to snack onCHERRIES

Cherries are similar to berries in terms of their antioxidant value. They have a bit higher natural sugar content, but they’re still very low-carb and are an excellent source of important fiber. Cherries are amazing with bacon, feta and greens. (GI: 22)


They’re low in sugar and contain a respectable amount of fiber. While antioxidants aren’t exactly overflowing from your average apple, apples (and pears) are still a great way to satisfy a craving for sweetness. (GI: 38)



With similar nutritional value as apples and pears, these fruits are a smart way to get a good dose of vitamin C and fiber. (GI: 30s)


Figs are just as low in sugar as strawberries and are packed with fiber (all those tender, tiny seeds). Enjoy these fresh whenever they’re in season.

The worst fruits to snack on


Both cantaloupes and watermelons are very high in sugar (GI: 65, 100 respectively). We recommend making melons a rare treat.


Though not as sugary as pineapples, but one can enjoy these fruits infrequently. A better choice is the banana, which – although starchy and a 55 on the glycemic index – is a smarter energy source.


Pineapple is very high in sugar. But it’s full of valuable nutrients in addition to bromelain, so enjoy it guilt-free from time to time.

                                                                                                                                    Hence, snack on, and snack smart. Whatever your aim, be it energy or weight loss, there is a fruit for you. Always ready to fill you up, to feed your skin, and to take care of your hunger pangs. Choose your fruits wisely and you will be healthy and happy.



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