Billionaires are preparing for The End of the World

end of the world scene

End of the World

Earth is a very mysterious planet. Some believe people live inside the Earth’s crust and some think on clouds too. Undoubtedly, nothing ends in this world other than Soul. At present, as we are moving forward into the future, one question is becoming important. Everyone on YouTube or other social media platforms is presenting stories related to Aliens and the end of the world.

Are we supposed to believe it anyhow? How can we just imagine and present fact for the end of the world? Simply, by reading ancient texts or by decoding ancient history can we find out the exact time for the end of the world.

Nowadays, it is the hottest topics being discussed all over the world. But, few super wealthy people have decided that an apocalypse is looming in the near future. And thus, everyone should start preparing for this.

“Might be they are right. But to common people all around the world, there are fewer chances that they can even prepare.”

We all have heard about Illuminati, a secret society who controls everything in this world. Basically, all the Silicon Valley billionaires are preparing for some possible future world-ending disasters. Not to mention this but possibilities are that dramatically they are putting the world into a situation of disasters. From then only they can come out.

“The person behind starting hype about the end of the world is Evan Osnos. He then posted an article on And titled it, “DOOMSDAY PREP FOR THE SUPER RICH.”

Still, the question remain is why Silicon Valley Billionaires are preparing for The End of the World?


Preparing for Armageddon is not a new one. It has been in practice since the death of the Christian God Jesus Christ. It has been on an idea which is reserved exclusively for the ultra-wealthy people. After all, there even exists a whole classification of people known as “survivalists.” Survivalist is a term coined by Kurt Saxon. Kurt Saxon is an author of the book ‘Improvising Weapons.’

Doomsday Preparation

End of the World-doomsday Preparation

These “survivalists” who were mentioned above are basically just groups of people.  They believe in the end of the world and call themselves as “DOOMSDAY PREPPERS.” Doomsday Preppers is a fancy term used for all those individuals who make preparations to survive if something bad happens on Planet Earth.

Steve Huffman of Reddit

End of the World-Steve Huffman, co-founder and C.E.O of Reddit

Steve Huffman is the co-founder and C.E.O of Reddit. He has begun preparations by keeping up on few weapons, ammunition, and food. Then he has also purchased few motorcycles. Notably, in November 2015 he even had laser eye surgery to increase his survival if anything catastrophic takes place.

Marvin Liao of 500 Startups

End of the World-Marvin Liao the partner of the venture-capital firm, 500 Startups

Marvin Liao is the partner of the venture-capital firm, 500 Startups. Marven has also stockpiled food and water while in preparation for a possible disaster. Though he fears that he might not have collected enough items in order to make it out alive if something happens.

An atomic bomb explosion

End of the World-An atomic bomb explosion

The one possible future disaster which will surely occur includes several possibilities. Like a global job loss, a new cold warfare, a viral epidemic outburst, atomic bomb explosions, and a huge world-changing earthquake. Although few of these cannot end the world, still they are enough catastrophic to warrant preparation.

“What you think should we be in line too and prepare for the end of the world?”


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