Can these Confident Body Hacks Improve You?

Confident Body Hacks
Confident Body Hacks

Meeting new people is a scary task for us. For some, it is even more intimidating. For few, it’s an exciting part of their life as an enlightening adventure. Either way, we will meet new people daily in our life. And when we do, a great first impression is necessary. Involve yourself with us in the learning of confident body hacks to look strong and better.

It is crystal clear that achieving a positive first impression isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re in a new location or when you aren’t sure what to say. However, there are a few of body language things one uses to assure in a good and engaging conversation. Today, we have a list of confident body hacks to improve your lifestyle.

“Try some of these until the next time you attend any event.”


Adopt a power pose

This always happens before you set your foot in the room. Research shows that “power poses” actually tricks your brain and make you more confident. This results in an easy conversation in a more poised manner. What this involves is standing up tall and taking up space by putting your hands on your hips. Yes, your mind is in the right direction now as it is one of the best confident body hacks to look strong and better

“Do this for 30 seconds to a minute, and you’ll walk into that room feeling naturally more confident.”


Continue an “open” posture

The position of your body communicates a lot about your thinking or feeling. If your body posture is “closed” like folded arms or your head is down, people will think you’re not interested in conversation. If your posture is “open” with your shoulders back and your head up, you’ll be seen as welcoming and friendly.


Touch (when appropriate)

Touching someone gives him or her an instant connection to you. That’s why handshaking leaves a lasting impression when you first meet someone. But, when appropriate, project into other forms of physical contact like patting on a shoulder. Just be sure to keep things appropriate.

“An unwelcome touch, especially in male-female interactions could become negative than positive power.”


Stand straight and don’t lean: An important confident body hacks

There are a few reasons, standing up straight can help you while meeting new people. First, you’ll feel and appear more confident. Then this may lead your entry into the conversation. Second, you’ll naturally have a more “open” and welcoming posture. while allowing you to breathe in a healthier way.

“Consequently, giving more power to your words and more oxygen to your lungs throughout the conversation.”


Make eye contact

There are many psychological factors playing roles while making eye contact with anyone. The eyes play a part in communication through nonverbal cues. Some of which you probably aren’t even aware of. Making an eye contact with someone makes you trust that person though it needs more trust.

“It also shows you’re paying attention. Subsequently, you’re investing in the conversation too. Make eye contact early, and maintain it whenever appropriate.”

Present your Gestures

Occasionally gesturing with arms and hands makes words more compelling to others. If you want to emphasize a certain point, using gestures can let you win it. Gesturing is a sign of giving an invitation to others to take part in a conversation. Being a best and required confident body hacks, it will improve your blend of personality.

“The only danger is too much of gesturing or frequency of gestures you use. Too much gesturing will decrease your confident pose and visibility among others. Reserve your gestures and use them purposely.”


Remain still

There’s no need to remain perfectly still during the conversation. Doing that can make you look robotic.
Show your body movements but only those which I had described and exactly in the manner I had told.

These confident body hacks can’t make up for a dull conversation, but they can give you a start.

“If you feel uncomfortable with these confident body hacks, practice them with others or in front of a mirror by yourself.”



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