Different Eye Colors: Some Famous People


A beautiful eye color in a human body is one of the striking features on anybody’s face. Being the advanced class of living beings on earth, we always want to have best features in us. Thus, people with a rare and high taste in fashion and styling, prefer to put contact lenses on their eyes. I mean two different colored contacts so as to get different eye colors for cool exquisite.

But what about two naturally beautiful different eye colors? This is often due to heterochromia iridum! a condition resulting in a difference in coloration. More importantly, affecting the iris of eyes. Also, heterochromia alters your skin tone and hair color too. It’s often subtle, but we all have noticed different eye colors in some famous people. Today here in, it can cause two noticeably different eye hues.

The names of some famous people on this list prove that a beauty flaw with different eye colors has made them look more unique.


Green and Brown: Different eye colors


The superstar actress was blind in one of her eyes. The reason for her blindness was chronic iritis. Chronic Iritis is caused by an inflammation of the iris (the colored part of the eye). She had the different eye colors, one green eye and one brown eye. This beauty flaw in the Black Swan (2010) actress now is developed into an overall poor vision.




HENRY CAVILL: Super Man has two different eye colors

Blue and Lighter Blue: Different eye colors


Yes, our beloved Superman suffers from this eye disorder too. His two different eye colors are blue and a lighter blue than the first. ‘Man of Steel’ unlike other celebrities has never hidden this ‘flaw’. Moreover, he is always very comfortable as it adds a unique attribute to his face. Maybe it is the reason Henry Cavil is on the list of Sexiest Hottest Men: 2018’s Hollywood List.


Blue and Black: Different eye color

Bowie is a legendary musician. The pupil in his left eye was dilated in a childhood fight over a girl. At that time David was only 14. And since then the illusion became true that he has two different eye colors. His condition is not because of heterochromia but because of anisocoria (a condition characterized by an equal size of the pupil).

ELIZABETH BERKLEY: Shaded different eye colors

Green and Brown: Different eye color

The ‘Saved by the Bell’ alumnus also has two different eye colors. She has a green left eye with a greenish-brown right eye. Her case is beautifully striking- the best beauty flaw. Elizabeth’s right eye green on the upper part and a perfect shade of brown on its lower end. It makes her look stunning!


Hazel and Blue: Different eye color

Eve, the actress of ‘She’s Out of My League (2010)’ has one hazel and one blue eye. Her heterochromia condition became public on a live show where she accepted that she has ‘beauty uniqueness’. Eve’s different eye color is always visible.

SARAH McDaniel

Brown and Green: Different eye color

McDaniel is an Instagram celebrity and a professional model. The Playboy’s first non-nude issue has Sarah as her first cover model. McDaniel’s left bluish-green eye and right brown eye are two different eye colors.


Light and Dark: Different eye color

He is not an actor or social media celebrity like other names on this list. Max is a pro baseball pitcher.  He was born with both eyes colored as blue. Her mother was the first to notice a color change in his one ye was when he was four months old. His case is an extreme case of heterochromia as one eye is lighter and the other has a much darker shade. To be honest, he looks more handsome and lively with these different eye colors.


Blue and Hazel: Different eye color

She is also a famous celebrity with different eye colors. Bosworth in 2006 took on a role in Superman Returns. Eventually, the movie director told her to show her beauty flaw. Hence, this became her first movie appearance with one blue and another dark-hazel colored eye.

Lastly, a very special mention. She is all unique because her half faces are different in color along with different eye colors. Nearly, having 6,00,000 Instagram followers – she is a social media sensation. Even more, shocking news is that she is not a human.

I mean she is only a cute looking cat named Venus – the cat.


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