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“Individuals are born to live by their own. They mix style in every possible way to make their life perfect.” In the present world, everyone wants his/her life to be better and prosperous. To achieve it they work hard. Some get it from their forefather and some work for it. In short, life is beautiful only if it has a blend of style in it. AOCGU’s this section is about improving the way of life. The self-image or self-concept in work with leisure behavior gives a successful life. AOCGU’s lifestyle section includes motivation, needs, culture, family and social class. The way of seeing ourselves is the way of believing in others. What we do? At AOCGU we have set priorities for improving the lifestyle of an individual. The write-ups and articles highlight facts and present scenarios in way of life. This section focuses on developing skills required in making a perfect life.


Major negative effects of drinking coffee daily | AOCGU

Major Negative effects of drinking coffee Coffee is one of America’s favorite drugs consumed by around 180 million USA citizens. Apparently, some people enjoy their coffee...

Best Vintage Stores in Los Angeles

Best Vintage Stores in Los Angeles There’s nothing more important walking empty-handed out of your favorite vintage store. While with the bags and unique finds...
best nutritious food to eat

Fruits to Snack on: Worst and Best

“Yes, all the fruits are healthy. But if you are trying to lose weight then snacking whole away on fruits all day can prove to be...
Home Remedies

8 Home Remedies That will brighten your face

Home Remedies Make your face with your work pace. Keep following us."Now you get your work done or go to a parlor and take a...

Different Eye Colors: Some Famous People

A beautiful eye color in a human body is one of the striking features on anybody's face. Being the advanced class of living beings...

Sexiest Hottest Indian TV Actresses: Real Look vs Reel Look

Friends, by 2008's era Indian TV cinema use to showcase only the family drama. But, as the time changed, Indian TV cinema became more...

Sexiest Hottest Men: 2018’s Hollywood List

Finding 2018’s Top 5 sexiest hottest men in the world was a complete slog. Especially, while picking up the no 1. These 5 men...
Confident Body Hacks

Can these Confident Body Hacks Improve You?

Meeting new people is a scary task for us. For some, it is even more intimidating. For few, it’s an exciting part of their...
Best Winter Outfits

5 Best Winter Outfits For Females

Winter fashion can be always very tricky. As it often requires layering. And really, what's more, comfortable than a pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt?...
Surprising Health Facts

Are you aware of these surprising health facts, Take a look!

With several studies published on health and fitness, it is difficult to keep up with all the information. Even whether they are health and...

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Top 4 most expensive Whiskey in USA | Interesting Facts | AOCGU

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage produced from fermented grain mash, such as barley, corn, rye and wheat. In the 18th century in America, whiskey...
Top 5 upcoming Cosmetics by worlds best brands

Top 5 upcoming Cosmetics by worlds best brands

Makeup and Cosmetics (makeup essentials) make a multi-billion dollar industry. Well, as you know, the pandemic has changed our lifestyle to a massive extent....

Best Inventions of 2021 by AOCGU

2021 has been a crazy year indeed for all of us. With the pandemic situation still prevailing, most of us were stuck in our...