“Human mind works on facts. It attracts towards unknown things and happenings which may or may not exist." "Things can be far from reality but will definitely thrill our mind, will force us to think once, to accept once.” Basically, every single creature on this earth works on their 5 basic senses. Taking advantage of 5 senses Bizarre is AOCGU’s strange category. Allowing readers to read, react and excite their minds on the facts which are still not known to the human world. Why is it necessary? Humans became extraordinary living creatures on earth by evolving from past to present. But, with the mind in our head, we keep on asking questions to others or to ourselves. Also to this, we want to know more about our surroundings. And thus, Bizarre is all about exploring and presenting real facts to the societies. How we present it? AOCGU explores and researches positively before presenting articles. AOCGU’s collection includes facts about Universe, Hidden facts from the past to present, Weird and disturbing facts happenings all around the world. After all there exist many things about which we don’t know and yet they happen and exist with us.

bible prophecies

Bible Prophecies: What makes it Good?

Bible Prophecies Most of us are too skeptical of bad prophecies and can spot them easily. Tabloid predictions by psychics about the end-of-the-world generates interests...
The SS (Schutzstaffel) used this account to deposit money, gold, and jewels. Before slaughtering European Jews, SS deposited all in the account.

Facts of World War II, you don’t know

World War II World War II is the most destructive conflict ever occurred in history. It costs more money, damaged more property, and killed more...

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Top 5 upcoming Cosmetics by worlds best brands

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