Best FIFA World Cup Matches in History

Best FIFA Worldcup matches in history

Have you been following the FIFA World Cup matches since the time when you were a little one? Did you ever wonder how many of the matches that you have watched will go down in history as the most memorable match of the tournament? Well, there have been quite a few matches of the world cup that are remembered even today. So, here we have come up with some of the most historical World Cup matches that people think about even today:

Brazil-Uruguay FIFA World Cup Match-1950:

Brazil-Uruguay FIFA match 1950

The legendary world cup match between Brazil and Uruguay is one of the greatest World Cup different than it is today. The winners of the four groups proceeded to another group to decide who was going to be the ultimate winner. Brazil only required a draw in order to win the World Cup that year. However, Uruguay’s legendary goals in the last 25 minutes helped Uruguay to earn the title. The best football player of Brazil, Pele broke down into tears at the end of the match.

Portugal-North Korea FIFA World Cup Match 1966:

Portugal-North Korea 1966 FIFA Match

The match between Portugal and North Korea in 1966 was considered to be the best football match ever that shocked the entire world. North Korea came into the game by beating Italy. Then started the match against Portugal. Portugal began the match with a lead of 3-0 in the first 25 minutes. However, the next 65 minutes completely belonged to North Korea. The North Korean players ruled the match completely. However, in the end, it was Portugal who emerged victoriously.

England-West Germany FIFA World Cup Match 1966:

England-West Germany FIFA World Cup Match 1966

The match between England and West Germany started with a lot of drama. This includes a stolen trophy. The match still remains one of the most controversial matches in the history of the Fifa world cup. There were a lot of ups and downs during the match and lots of amazing shots were hit. However, in the end, it was England who won the match.

Italy-West Germany FIFA World Cup Match 1970:

Italy-West Germany 1970 world cup match

Another very popular match in the history of the FIFA World Cup. The match was also regarded as the game of the century. Italy scored its first goal in the first 8 minutes and it seemed as if they had already won the match. But there was a 90th-minute equalizer by Karl-Heinz Schnellinger that changed the entire face of the game. During the extra time, within 30 minutes, 5 goals were scored by the teams. Italy was declared the winner of the match. They even made it to the finals.

Italy-Brazil FIFA World Cup-1982 Match:


Brazil’s team in 1982 was regarded as the best team of the century that did not win the world cup. This is mainly because of Brazil’s match against Italy. Brazil encountered a stunning defense from Italy. The majority of the game took place in the Italian half. The performance of Italy in this match is something that is remembered even today. Although Brazil dominated the match during the last few minutes, in the end, it was Italy who won the game. This match is also regarded as the best football match ever.

West Germany-France FIFA World Cup 1982 Match:

france germany 1982 FIFA World Cup Match

The 1982 match between West Germany and France is on the list of some of the best world cup games. It is also a very controversial game. In the 60th minute, Patrick Battiston pounced onto the ball and ended up hitting the German keeper, Harad Schumacher. The keeper was knocked out onto the ground. He had broken two of his teeth and his ribs were also cracked. This also caused damage to his vertebrae. However, no card was shown and no foul was given in the match.

Argentina-England FIFA World Cup Match 1986:

Argentina-England FIFA World Cup Match 1986

The match between England and Argentina is another really popular match of the FIFA World Cup. Diego Maradona created extraordinary movements within a time span of four minutes during the match. Just after halftime, Maradona ended up beating the English keeper Peter Shilton and the referee allowed it without a foul. Four minutes later, Maradona scored the goal of the century. You will find not a single Argentinian fan who hasn’t heard about the hame.

Italy-Germany FIFA World Cup Match 2006:

Italy-Germany FIFA World Cup Match 2006

The match between Italy and Germany in 2006 is on the list of some of the best World Cup matches of all time. The match had all the elements that are necessary for a match to be considered remarkable. Neither side scored during 180 minutes of the match. However, it was during the 119th minute that Italy scored one of the most extraordinary goals of all time. Italian ended up winning the match in the end.

So, these are some of the most popular FIFA World Cup matches of all time. Hopefully, we are going to witness more of these matches in the future.


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