Backpack Kid, Stole the SNL Show

backpack kid on stage with katy perry

Backpack Kid

A teen Instagram dancing sensation has gone from online to on-air. Katy Perry invited him to show off his moves during her SNL performance this weekend. Fifteen-year-old Russell Horning took the SNL stage during Perry’s performance of her song “Swish Swish.” And with his trademark move, Russell Horning aka Backpack kid stole the SNL show.

Backpack kid is an Instagram sensation because of his trademark dance moves. But now this Backpack kid is super hit on twitter.

The Lawrenceville, Georgia, tells USA Today about the collaboration. “One night Katty Perry noticed him on Instagram randomly and got amazed by his dance moves. And thus, decided to collaborate him on Saturday Night Live show.”

“It seems that the kid will be the new sensation in Hollywood’s music industry.”

When asked about his backpack, He explained that he wore the backpack on stage because it looked good. He said he had a water bottle, a few fidget spinners, and a phone charger in his backpack to help weigh it down.

Posts by Backpack kid – i_got_barzz

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“But it looks like Horning wasn’t too impressed with Perry’s dancing. His caption “When your mom tries to look cool” on a video of her trying to imitate his moves backstage at SNL”

Word from Backpack Kid

“It was really nerve-wracking because half of the country was watching me. You can’t mess up on live TV.” he told Inside Edition.

“It felt really good to be up on that stage where millions of kids want to be. Thanks to Katy Perry who picked me,” he said.


“I never expected all of this to happen,” he admitted.


“It is a really big show and what I did was really original.”

During this weekend’s star-studded SNL, it was the backpack kid who stole the show.



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