About Us

AOCGU – Abe Oye ChapadGanju is an innovative platform for the users to read open-mindedly. AOCG is a topical content based website on the globally trending news, informative write-ups and entertaining contents.

At AOCGU we provide well written, value adding and shareable content which allows users to promote it organically within the society. AOCGU tells stories based on only facts which are trustworthy to read and accept.

It all started back in 2015 with a Facebook page named Abe Oye ChapadGanju. In April and May of the year 2017, the page became active and crosses 10000 likes, today(2018) nearly 56000 likes. It was an experiment to know the digitally upcoming world and its careers. Fortunately, AOCGU’s teamwork and dedication amplified.

AOCGU’s team is all passionate about their respective work. AOCGU believes in making readers read World News, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Bizarre.